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Eternal spirits encounter earthly love. Immortal evil threatens everyday life. Can hope survive? Mischief and Triple your fun with three enchantingly complete novels. Mischief and mayhem, trolls and dragons and brave new worlds are strewn along a winding road as time unfolds to tell the tale. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Magic Triangle Trilogy , please sign up.

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About P. A figment of his own fevered imagination, P. Silverson had been chained to a keyboard by the forces of advertising for the bulk of his mere mortal adulthood. His spouse and inspiration, Kathryn, provides him with a loving link to the real world, such as it is. Other books in the series. The Magic Triangle Trilogy 4 books.

Rowling does a great job making the characters have a lot of depth and i would definitely want Hermione as my friend because she is so kind and witty. I also love J. Rowling comes up with lots of words and creatures. Eyewitness: Battle is an information book on modern and historical warfare, from ancient civilization to the modern era. It is a great beginner's guide to the weapons and tactics used by a range of societies and cultures through many conflicts, from ancient battles, to medieval sieges, to Napoleonic warfare in Europe and right into modern global conflicts in Africa and the Middle East.

Reviewed by Michael. Their father disappears and Egyptian gods are after them. Carter and Sadie are the most powerful magicians in their family for thousands of years, and they have to defeat an old evil to rescue their father. I liked the book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who liked Percy Jackson or Harry Potter.

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Salva, who grows up to be 20, goes around Sudan building wells and schools for those in need. Nya's sister becomes healthy and Salva finds his family. Salva, a young boy from the southern Sudan tells the story of his war stricken village in He escapes his village without his family. This 11 year old travels with a group of adult men until after about a year he finally makes it to a refugee camp and away from the war.

Nya, whom the second story is about, is an 11 year old girl, also living in a southern Sudan. Her story takes place in Everyday, Nya walks a long distance to find water.

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She does this everyday until her little sister gets sicks. She can only drink clean water, which cannot be provided for her. Nya will have to find clean water or suffer over the loss of her sister. Reviewed by anonymous. The Magician's Nephew is about the nephew of someone who thinks is a magician.

This "magician" made two kinds of rings: yellow rings and green rings. He tricked his nephew's friend, Polly, into trying a yellow ring. The yellow ring made people go into what the "magician" thought was another world. Then his nephew tried on a yellow ring too and suddenly appeared in a pool in a wood that would later be called "the wood between the worlds.

My book review is about Misty of Chincoteague. It's by Marguerite Henry.

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The two main characters are Paul, and his sisters name is Mareen. It is about horses. It takes place on Chincoteague. It is a good story and I recommend this book to all ages! I really really hope you read this book and I hope you like it! This book review is about Paris For Two. I love this book because it is about pairs. The main character is Petunia Beanly. She is 12 and had to move to Paris.

I love this book also because it is just a great story. I also hope you enjoy this book. I recommend it to anyone who has ever dreamed to go to Paris. This book review is about a book called Smile! It is by Raina Telgemmeier. It is also a graphic novel. And therte are lots of characters in this book! It's about a girl named Raina it's kind of a true story. I really, really love this book and so will you! Ready Player One is a book about a young orphan who goes to school through a virtual reality machine known as Oasis where the creator hid easter eggs something hidden in a game so hard to find it took 20 year for the first real clue found by this young orphan who with some help discovered the easter egg.

This book review is about a book called Sisters. It is also Raina Telgemeier. This book is part of a series called Smile!

by Nora Ephron (2006)

I would recommend this book to sisters that fight and at the end apologize in the end. I really really love this book I hope you do too!

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Goldwater is a funny comic series about a clumsy teenage boy, his friend and his life. I like it becaise it has funny jokes that I get and can sometimes relate with. It also has some realistic scenes and some totally unreal scenes that are hilarious. That is why I enjoy Archie Comics so much!

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The School For Good and Evil The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani is a book about two friends who live where fairy tales are idolized and loved but every 4 years a mysterious shadow kidnaps 2 children one fair and good and one unimaginably evil to go to a school for good and evil where children are trained to live through their fairy tales. Evil for villains and good for princes and princesses. Sophie a golden haired princess has been dreaming of the school for good and her very own ever after while Agatha the ugly "witch" has been wishing to just stay home with Sophie, mother and cat and is determined to save Sophie from the "school master. Now Sophie and Agatha are battling to find a way home through a torn apart friendship princes and fights to the death, what will become of there friends who are willing to do anything to be together again, but what if, a prince is added to the equation?

The BFG is the friendliest oddest and smallest giant imaginable. Sophie was stolen away to Giant Country at the Witching Hour where all the strange and dark things come out. Giant Country is a barren landscape where the only thing that grows are the horrible vile disgusting snozzcumbers! Sophie must now live in the dark Giant Country until she must save the children of England with the help from the Big Friendly Giant. Reviewed by Kate. I give Charlotte's Web a 10 out of 10 review because it is a story of friendship, love, and kindness.

Charlotte's Web shows what true friendship is and how hard it is to find it. The main character Wilbur is a young pig who is more than a ham. He is "some pig" he is "terrific" he is "radiant" and he is "humble" but he must show Mr. Zuckerman who he is before Christmas. With the help of his spider friend Charlotte his fate is decided. In her new home, she has lots of siblings, one of which she absolutely hates. She learns to speak English at the age of six and is very smart. When the siblings that she hates comes of age to marry, she is devastated to hear that she might have to marry her repulsive brother.

She is crushed with the bad news, when a gang of pirates comes and lets her escape if she teaches them English. She now sails the seas with her new family. Reviewed by Emily.