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Many others were injured. Saavedra and his family are the beneficiaries of materials and instruction from the Mexico City-based architecture group Siembra Arquitectura, which aims to provide people made homeless by the earthquake with the knowledge they need to build structurally sound buildings. Superadobe is made from earthen material fortified with lime, then compressed into bags piled on top of each other Credit: Getty.

Superadobe was designed by Iranian-American architect Nader Khalili.

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He first proposed earthbag construction at a Nasa symposium that tasked participants to share ideas of how to build on the Moon and Mars, using material available onsite, as the costs of taking materials from Earth into space would be exorbitant. A nonprofit that her late father founded in , the institute teaches people how to build disaster-resistant, sustainable structures using earth-based architecture.

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Adobe is an earth-based material consisting of soil compacted with organic materials such as corn stalks, hay, and animal manure. It is one of the oldest building materials in the world, though its exact components can vary.

Superadobe is also manufactured from earth and organic materials. But the mixture is fortified with lime, then compressed into polypropylene bags the same material used to create sandbag levees which are piled on top of each other, each heavy layer separated by barbed wire. This holds the bags in place and effectively forms the walls of the structure. Superadobe homes are estimated to last for centuries and are cost-effective to produce. In this remote farming community, the making of the new material also carries the potential of creating autonomy and better-paid jobs. Superadobe structures have been shown to withstand devastating devastating natural disasters.

After both the 7.

Traditional adobe house on the market for first time asks $K - Curbed

There are now countless superadobe homes around the globe, ranging from emergency shelters to luxury homes. Many of them are dome-shaped, which is considered more resistant to the elements because of the physics behind arch construction. But in Hueyapan, locals wanted a more traditional-looking home than a domed design.

So Siembra Arquitectura designed rectangular homes — but ones enforced with buttresses on every angle.

Adobe house 2018

Locals wanted traditional-looking homes in Hueyapan, so Siembra Arquitectura designed rectangular suberadobe buildings Credit: Mallika Vora. Superadobe and adobe both have benefits for extreme climates — as in Hueyapan, which at a 2,m altitude can experience near-freezing temperatures at night and blazing sunshine during the day. Adobe is a thermic material that captures the heat of the day, releasing it into structures during the night.

Overnight it does the opposite, absorbing coolness which will be felt during the daytime. For locals, one problem with the material can be the time it requires. It can take up to three months to build a superadobe home, depending on the weather. He learned the entire process from the ground up from Siembra Arquitectura and now is the foreman on all of its projects in Hueyapan.

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Inside, we spy seven fireplaces one in every room! The outside boasts thick adobe walls and stunning views of the Ranchos Valley below. They certainly don't build 'em like this anymore.

Using ICF to Build a Home with Modern Adobe Style Walls

It's our summer dream house! Writer Elizabeth Finkelstein is a self-proclaimed old house addict on a lifelong hunt for her perfect historic home. From big Victorian fixer-uppers to tiny colonials to mid-century modern masterpieces, Elizabeth believes that the best homes show the charm of having been loved over time.

She chronicles it all on her website CIRCA , which showcases beautiful old houses for sale across the country.

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