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Lease length and marriage value

A lease on marriage is simply another way to think about entering that contract; it would allow couples to test out marriage and see if it is right for them. In his piece in The Washington Post earlier this month, Paul Rampell suggested that, like an apartment lease, the marriage lease could be renewed at the end of each term of commitment. If the marriage is strong, it could be renewed continuously until one spouse dies. He also suggests security deposits, and an option for couples with children: have the lease renew automatically until the child has grown up.

The dissolution of the union would be much less costly, in terms of money, time, and stress.

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Separation is often difficult and painful, no matter what the marital status of the couple is. And children would feel the effects of their parents splitting either way.

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The question is whether contractual short-term marriages solve the problems associated with marriage and divorce. If a couple wants to avoid a messy divorce, they can instead choose to live together, or sign a thorough prenuptial agreement before marriage.

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Marriages that expire after a fixed amount of time

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