О мышке, птичке и жареной колбасе (перевод П.Н. Полевого) (Russian Edition)

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Remove FREE. Unavailable for purchase. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Sort By: Bestsellers. He moved his body parallel to mine, and pushed my wrists into the pillows. I wrapped my legs around him and our heat was unbearable. Can't you do it. Put the dishes in the cupboard. You'll be able to get sandwiches and tea at the counter. You can have dinner in the lunchroom at the railroad station.

Do you want to meet at the bar during intermission? Ask the counterman the price of these sandwiches. I'd be proud of a son like that. I'd like to meet him. He would have come if he had known you were here. Who could it be? You should have some rest. I'll let you know, whatever happens.

Why don't you ask him? He's been around. Don't worry, it's happened before. Have you ever been to Moscow? He's never at home on Wednesdays. I go to all his lectures. At one time he went abroad every summer.

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Medical conventions take place here every two years. Well, you know, miracles just don't happen. He used to come to see us evenings and tell the children stories. We sometimes have earthquakes around here. She often has headaches. I'll admit that he's unjust sometimes.

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You haven't come to see us for quite a while. After I took the medicine, I felt as though I'd never had any pain at all. After all that, he walked into our place as if nothing was the matter. This is a portrait of our ex-president. He's my former teacher. He walked with a quick stride. Careful, the current's swift here. We'll get there more quickly by bus than by trolley.

He walked so fast that I could hardly keep up with him. She works very quickly. He made his decision promptly. I didn't know he could be so kind. He was ill. She used to be an opera singer.

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We've already been to Moscow. We'll be at your place at five o'clock sharp. He'll be very glad to meet you. I'll be much obliged to you. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't know what to do. You've had enough! Come what may, I'll do it. The Germans took everything we had.

You must be an American. There's only one way of persuading him. Maybe he's gone away already. Pass him the bread, please. Would you kindly open the door? He had a sister. Well, O. Oh, well, let's take a chance; what can we lose? I really don't know what to do. You can rest assured I won't be late. Have you any money? Do you have a pencil? I have two tickets for tomorrow's concert.

Just as I figured — he's already gone! Yes, sir! It would be nice to have bacon and eggs for breakfast.

I try not to go beyond my monthly budget. My budget can't take this kind of expense. Our plant issues a monthly bulletin. The nurse handed the patient's chart to the doctor. Around here the weather report is given out once a day.


Dictionary of Spoken Russian/Russian-English/Text1

Why wasn't I given a ballot with the name of the independent candidate? The information bureau is at the end of the hall. Maybe your purse is in the lost and found department.