Merry Christmas with Charles Dickens: A Mock Interview About Writing

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The yard was dark and the fog and frost hung about the place.

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Now, the knocker on his door was very large and ordinary. The eyes were wide open, and its grayish colour made it horrible in the half light. As Scrooge looked, it became a knocker again. He did look carefully, but the knocker was still a knocker. He closed his door and double-locked himself in. He walked through his rooms to see that all was right and sat by the fire. And then he heard it — a clanking noise, from the cellar, as if some person were dragging a heavy chain. Then he heard the sound again.

The noise of heavy chains being dragged, and a faint sound of moaning. Suddenly the cellar-door flew open with a booming sound, and then he heard the noise coming up the stairs; then straight towards his door. It was Marley, back from the dead. The chain Marley pulled was long, and made of cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, and purses.

Excerpt: 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens

His body was transparent; so that Scrooge could see the two buttons on his coat hanging on the door behind. But why do spirits walk the earth, and why do they come to me? You have made it longer, since then. Greed was my business! The third upon the next night at the last stroke of Twelve. They faded away. Scrooge closed the window, and examined the door by which the Ghost had entered. It was still as he had double-locked, with his own hands. And he went straight to bed and fell asleep upon the instant.

Merry Christmas with Charles Dickens: A Mock Interview About Writing

WHEN Scrooge awoke, it was dark. The chimes of a neighbouring church struck the hour, with a single deep, melancholy note. Light flashed up in the room, and the curtains of his bed were drawn aside by a hand. And Scrooge found himself face to face with the unearthly visitor who drew them, right in front of his face. It was a strange figure—like a child, or an old man. Its white hair hung about its neck and down its back, and yet the face had not a wrinkle in it.

Its legs and feet were bare. It wore a white tunic with a shining belt. It held a branch of fresh green holly in its hand; and had its dress trimmed with summer flowers. They passed through the wall, and stood upon an open country road. Now it was a clear, cold, winter day, with snow upon the ground.

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They walked along the road, Scrooge recognizing every gate and tree; until a little town appeared in the distance. Some shaggy ponies trotted towards them with boys upon their backs. All these boys shouted to each other merrily. Scrooge knew and named them every one. But why was he filled with gladness when he heard them tell each other Merry Christmas, as they parted!

What was Merry Christmas to Scrooge? What good had it ever done to him? They soon approached a large house, its windows broken, and the many rooms cold, and bare of food. They went, the Ghost and Scrooge, to the back of the house, and a room with desks. At one of these a lonely boy was reading near a feeble fire; and Scrooge sat down, beside his poor forgotten self as he used to be. There was a boy singing a Christmas Carol at my door last night. All at once they were in a busy city. Here too it was Christmas time again; but it was evening, and the streets were lighted up.

Old Fezziwig laid down his pen, and looked up at the clock. He rubbed his hands and called out in a rich voice:. Christmas, Ebenezer!

By Paige Shelton

Clear away, lads! It was done in a minute. The floor was swept, the lamps were trimmed, fuel was heaped upon the fire; and the warehouse became a snug, warm, and bright ball-room.

In came a fiddler with a music-book. In came Mrs. Fezziwig, and the three Miss Fezziwigs,.

Charles Dickens festive story A Christmas Carol is 175 years old today

In came all the young men and women employed in the business, the housemaid, the baker, the cook, the milkman. Away they all went, twenty couples at once!

Charles Dickens gave an epic reading of 'A Christmas Carol' in Boston | |

There were dances, and games, and there was cake, and Roast Beef, and mince-pies, and plenty of ale. During all this time, Scrooge had acted like a man out of his wits. He enjoyed everything. Now that he remembered the Ghost, he became conscious that it was looking full upon him. He has the power to make our work a pleasure or a toil. The happiness he gives, is quite as great as if it cost a fortune.

An Interview with Charles Dickens

I should like to be able to say a word or two to my clerk just now. Again Scrooge saw himself. He was older now. He was not alone, but sat by a pretty young girl: in her eyes there were tears. It is the love of money. May you be happy in the life you have chosen! I cannot bear it! Leave me! Take me back. Haunt me no longer! He was conscious of being exhausted, and of being in his own bedroom. He had barely time to reel to bed, before he sank into a heavy sleep.

Now, when the Bell struck One, he saw a ghostly light coming from the next room. He shuffled to the door.