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A man sacrifices his life for the happiness of the woman he loves. Dying, he wins her devotion in a way he never could in life. Selflessness, sacrifice, complete commitment until death—what greater story of love can there be?

Romantic Love Poems - Poetry Collection of Adoration and Praise

When we think of love stories, we think mostly of stories about people who fall in love, stories that we identify with and that resonate accordingly. Kath is beautiful, but also good and kind. Her beauty and her allure bring her no joy. One wants to do right by her. In other words, just as if one were a character in the book oneself, one has a crush on her. If you read it, prepare to fall in love. David H.

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Bradley, Jr. Don't know if you can call it a love story, but I have always been caught up in the romantic dilemmas posed by Frank Stockton's "The Lady or the Tiger? John Shea has a Ph. Scary or funny, I might be more useful. That's a hard one.

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I guess I'd say the Bible; it's Big Love — also big failures to love that we haven't yet taken in as a species. Jon Caroulis PhillyVoice Contributor.

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Menu PhillyVoice. February 12, What's the greatest love story ever? Bradley and other local writers on the love stories that soared. Books Love. What is the greatest love story in the English language? Prevention CDC issues E. Eagles Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Seahawks game from. Fitness 6 ways a personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals by. Entertainment How to throw a successful holiday office party by. Thereafter if I wrote for her, I was writing for my beloved. At the Midlife Party I gave her a pair of folding reading glasses wrapped in a red bandanna. Along with this fragment of poetry.

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She had admired my pair of folding glasses — and she spoke often of 50 ways to use a bandanna. The family can clarify. The picture below the poem is staged.

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But that is the original note — it surfaced from her home as it was cleaned out. I was trying to show I had been listening during our many conversations and saw who she was.

Poem About Husband's Support, The Love Of My Life

Lisa told me she sometimes felt like a matchbook girl. As she told it the poor girl sold matchbooks to scratch out a pittance. One night she became entranced, out in the cold looking in at a happy warm family. She burns her last matchbook to keep warm, then freezes to death. She often felt underappreciated, but the matchbook girl seemed to be more about intimacy and commitment than recognition. On her desk was a small framed copy of what I have labeled Fears Whisper. One of my fondest early memories was laying in bed all day playing Lisa Lepine my favorite music.

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  4. I loved the place. It was a home she had helped longtime friend Steve Rothe buy, occupy, and eventually sell. When Steve moved back to Wisconsin to care for family Lisa needed to find a new place to live. I regretted the loss of the Treehouse more than her — she was ready for something else. I was suggesting she was having such a hard time because she was being too particular.