Hard Luck Woman

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KISS Hard Luck Woman - Lyrics

Kiss fanatics weigh in please. The Double Platinum version is a remix of the original album version, which is why you hear the drums enter later. Double Platinum features many remixes, alternate mixes and at least one re-recording. RoyalScam , Jul 12, So on Rock and Roll Over, the drums are there from the start? I think it sounds better that way.

Sounds weird to have the drums come in so late.

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The original 45 was also a unique mix. Location: San Antonio, TX. Location: New Orleans.

Kiss - Hard Luck Woman Lyrics

Combination , Jul 13, Just got out my old vinyl too and can't really make out a difference between the two besides a slightly different fade so I guess It's just a different master. I had always heard it was a different mix. Location: MPLS. Platterpus , Jul 13, Location: U. I prefer the version from Double Platinum since I think it's a better choice for the song to have the drums come in a little later than they appear on the album version.

Beauvoir , Jul 14, RoyalScam , Jul 14, Location: Illinois. Well, I learned something: I always thought Paul Stanley sang this song.

Hard Luck Woman

JimC , Jul 14, Location: Toronto, ON, Canada. Nick Piunti's third album confirms the idiosyncratic talent of this musician who keeps churning out fantastic power-pop tunes that would rejoice even the most jaded pop-rock fan, whether young or old, if they knew about the existence of 'Beyond the Static'. Cut Through by Kythira.

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Bandcamp Album of the Day May 29, Moonchild by Kenneka Cook. Explore music. Russell Rubman.

Ole Reedtz Krahn. Dave Swayne. Debra Morgan.

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KISS - Hard Luck Woman

Dennis Pilon. Yasushi Asaoka. Scott E williamson. Michael Hodges. Gordon Weiss. Jordan Sovereign. Jeffrey Raskin.

"Belonging is the very best thing there is."

Miyuki Kimura. Jason Mehrtens. Troy Paterson. Michael Jones. Judy Marinucci.

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Jon Kelley. Mark Kirk. Jay Dravenstadt.