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Please note: not all stock is available in all stores. Forheavenstake D D Cross. PaperBack February 11, After years of atoning he's turned his redneck roustabout life into a model for human redemption. When he dies again, he discovers that all life's memories begin to fade as eternal bliss kicks in. An outlier force vectors in on the human race, intent on reshuffling the cosmic deck. The existence of heaven and hell hang in the balance as Seeney is used as a wild card in a high stakes game of who'll rule the afterlife.

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Here will I fix, thus prostrate, sigh my Shame, and wash my Crimes in never ceasing Tears of Penitence. Have I not used thee like a Villain! You shall not need to beg. Now, Sir, if you please to withdraw awhile, you may inform your self how fair a Fortune you are Master of. Why have I so long been blind to the perfections of thy Mind and Person? Not knowing thee a Wife, I found thee charming beyond the Wishes of luxurious Love. Is it then a Name, a Word, shall rob thee of thy Worth? Can Fancy be a surer Guide to Happiness than Reason?

Look out some of the Red that came in last. Pray, Sir, who are you? And what was your Business? But how the Devil came he in? What, in a Cellar too? But come, Sir, we will take Care of you, however. Bring him along, we will first carry him before my Lady; and then toss him in a Blanket. Which while our Lives permit us to enjoy, we must still reflect with Gratitude on the generous Author of it.

Sir, we owe you more than Words can pay you. Coldness, Madam, before Marriage, like throwing a little Water upon a clear Fire, makes it burn the fiercer: but after Marriage, you must still take care to lay on fresh Fuel. Oh fie, Sir! Oh Madam! Comically, stop my Vitals! Methinks, Sir Novelty , you were a little too extravagant in your Settlement, considering how the Price of Women is fallen. How now!

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Snap in hold? She says he kept her in by Force, and was rude to her: She stands crying here without, and begs her Ladyship to do her Justice. Why truly, Sir, imagining you were doing little less with my Lady, I must confess I did commit Familiarity with her, or so, Sir. Marry her! O Lord, Sir! After I have lain with her? Why, Sir! How the Devil can you think a Man can have any Stomach to his Dinner, after he has had three or four Slices off of the Spit? Little did my Master and I think last Night that we were robbing our own Orchards! Joy, joy to you all! Madam, I congratulate your good Fortune.

Well, my dear Rogue, must not I give thee Joy too?

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Prithee get up! Thou art stark mad! True, I believe she may be my Daughter: Well, and so, Sir—. Worthy , pray, Sir, do me the Favour to help me to understand your Brother a little. Insulting Witch! Look ye, Sir! And eat him! A Rogue! A Dog! A cursed Dog! A cut-throat, murdering Dog!

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Ay, but the five thousand Pounds, Sir! Why, the very Report of his having such a Fortune, will ruin him. I shall never be pleased with paying it against my own Consent, Sir. Worthy , as I do you, Sir. Loveless , you have been before-hand with me, but you must give me leave to offer Sir William my joint Security for what you have promised him. Hold, Gentlemen!

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Now, Sir William, you have shown your self a Father. Tis yet too soon to dine: Therefore, to divert us in the mean time, what think you of a little Musick? The subject perhaps not improper to this Occasion! Victorious Love! Enter Marriage, with his Yoke. And yet, alas! Ungrateful Wretch!