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They found evidence of human damage on all five of the seamounts that they visited. On one seamount they saw a fishing boat working. The scientists could clearly see serious damage caused by fishing. They could also see that sea life was healthy in the areas without fishing. She wrote of tall tree-like structures made of coral, bright coloured shrimps, urchins shaped like sticks, angry-looking crabs, glass-like sponges and funny looking big-eyed fish. And, she said, the list goes on.

So, the scientists finished their trip to the seamounts with mixed feelings.

Pierre-Yves Cousteau is a famous expert on underwater life. He wrote about the group's findings on their Internet website.


Let us give him the last word:. As far as we know it only exists right here, on this planet. We must care for it, or we will watch it drop slowly through our open hands. The writer of this programme was Mike Procter. The producer was Luke Haley. The voices you heard were from the United States and the United Kingdom. All quotes were adapted for this program and voiced by Spotlight.

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The new rules should be appointed to reduce fishing mainly using the bottom nets that destroy life on the sea bed. Thanks for the excellent topic! Human being on this planet has not preserved around environment in which has the ocean. The fishers have caught sea resources exhaustingly.


Specially, they use bottom nets which destroy creature life on the sea bed. This is greatly dangerous for our environmental life. In my country, the fishers use not only bottom nets but also electrical equipment or TNT explosive in the sea. C, 64th VA Cav. General Notes: James C. Carter was a farmer in Scott County, Virginia. Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe b about d Wikipedia notes that various biographies state that he d in but reports that he ended his term of office as Lord Chief Justice on File: cvs.

Full text of The twentieth century biographical.

Full text of An historical narrative of the Ely, Revell and Stacye families who were among the founders of Trenton and Burlington in the province of West Jersey , with the genealogy of the Ely descendants in America See other formats. View all articles on this page Previous article Next article. Why are there text errors?. Home - Historical Novel Society. How do you know? Under the honey-coloured light you saw tears cocoon her eyelashes, mascara in long moults from tear duct to chin.

And over the rocks, over the water, over time and heartache — yours, hers — you glimpsed insights more fleeting than the wing of a moth.

For that instant, on that cliff jump on that evening in July, you knew the answers to the questions she'd ask. It felt good, right then, to be a dad again. Even now, when Iggy skips toward the barriers in Edinburgh, you feel it — an ache, like when you fix something and it breaks again, that whisking away of satisfaction.

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