2 Many Parakeets

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Keeping A Pair Of Budgies/Parakeets

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    Happy Budgies - Budgerigar Sounds to Play for Your Parakeets - Discover PARROTS

    This is going to take some time, please be patient. The anthology will still be fulfilled. This evidence that female birds can and do assess male cleverness when selecting mates confirms an important hypothesis that Charles Darwin made back when he first proposed the theory of evolution.

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    Producing babies and taking care of them requires a lot of time and energy, for female animals in particular at least in most species , so it is in their best interest to find a mate that will help produce the best possible offspring. Females can use cues like complex songs and feather color to see how healthy, clever, and well-fed a potential mate is, indicating that he is more likely to have healthy, clever, and well-fed children. Over generations, this will lead to animals with brighter feathers and better songs, since the best birds will have more offspring that will inherit their attractive traits and continue passing them on.

    The most impressive trait where it may have played a role, however, is in the evolution of intelligence. This idea that female animals would prefer smarter mates seems simple, but it is actually quite challenging to test, for a number of reasons. First, they showed a female budgie two different male budgies, and looked at who she spent more time with as a way to tell who she liked better.

    Then they took her less-preferred male and trained him to solve the puzzle box.

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    • A few days later, the female could watch her favorite male struggle and fail to solve the puzzle while her formerly less-preferred male figured it out. When they tested her preference again after that demonstration, she spent more time with the puzzle solver.